Veto Lark: Scavenger of the Stars

Volume 1: Snapshots

Suave, sophisticated and successful – none of these can realistically be applied to Veto Lark. Selling his services to anyone with a decent bank account, Veto makes it his business to scavenge the stars in order to return items to their rightful owners, or to anyone willing to pay enough for them. Aided and abetted by his reluctant companion, Ember Mound, these are a few collected snapshots of the life of a decidedly unprofessional scavenger.

Volume 2: Longshots

Veto Lark, not quite the finest Scavenger in the Civilised Galaxy as he would like to believe, continues to swindle his merry way through life dragging his reluctant companion, Ember Mound with him. Trying his hand at camping, baking, chocolate thievery and even a spot of sleuthing, what could possibly go wrong?

Volume 3

Coming Soon…