‘Midnight Meeting’

I’m very excited to show you this new painting!

‘Midnight Meeting’

The Moon is full and the cats gather in the magical Forest of Felines to discuss vital kitty business. On the agenda this night are the serious topics of where the best sunny spots can be found, the pros and cons of dried cat food and how to get those pesky pet collars off.

I really had fun doing this one using an accidental mix of colour pencil, a few bits of watercolour, more watercolour, because I liked how it looked, some extra pencil followed by several dabbings of pen and ink. I had intended it to be entirely done with colour pencil but as usual I change my mind part way through and fiddle about until I end up with a mash of all different mediums. (Have I use the right word there? I mean different types of paint, pencil etc, not someone channelling mysterious ghostly messages from beyond the Veil…)

If you would like to own a print of this to admire upon your walls, or ceiling if you are so inclined, then by the magic of the interweb you can do so by clicking here which will take you to my lovely little Etsy shop!

Unicorn Snail – Colouring Page!

If you are sitting down with a lovely cup of tea, wishing you had something fun to colour in, then your wish has been granted in a puff of sparkly glittery stuff!

You can download a page of original art for the amazingly low price of 50p to colour in any way you want!

Click to go straight to the shop!

I’d love to see your work so once you’ve finished your awesome colouring, you can post it in the comments for the world to admire – if you want!

(Apologies for triggering any of my American chums for the gratuitous British spelling of color!)

Right! Time to put the kettle on! x