Trying Out A New Shoppy Thingy

Greetings all! How are you all? Fluffy and well, I hope. Today, I was not only wondering where birds sleep at night and if seagulls prefer to grab a snooze while floating on the water but also whether there were any decent (and cheap) alternatives to Etsy. I stumbled upon Big Cartel and decided to give it a try. Happily there is a free version where you can upload 5 items which I have indeed done! So, I shall see how it goes and if it works out, then I shall crowbar open my stingy, empty Scottish purse and try the upgraded version for a little while.

5 Yellow Phonebox Items which I Put Up On Big Cartel Today While Contemplating The Sleeping Habits Of Birds.

Etsy Shop With More Shiny Yellow Phonebox Things.

Talking of birds and cakes, I have actually finished my latest scribblings and will show it off in the next thrilling blog post…

Colour Co-ordinated Snack Time

After a very busy morning of some series procrastination, it’s time to settle down with some colour Co-ordinated ice-cream!

The eleven Faber-Castell pencils I was running low of arrived from the ever excellent Cult Pens. (Not sponsored). I love ordering from them not only because of their speedy service but because they always include a little packet of sweeties!

Helping the Fishies

The pack of Glassine bags I ordered has just arrived!

Glassine Bags to the rescue!

We here at Yellow Phonebox Art (ie me) take the future happiness of our fellow creatures and planetoid very seriously and so I’m trying to help them out as much as I can 🙂 I’m trying to switch to more friendly packaging whenever I can. These little bags are biodegradable and recyclable. And could that be a little sneak peak of a new line of stickers tucked away in one of them?

Hopefully I’ll be able to replace all the packaging over to more eco-chumly bags and things soon, because we’ve got to help the Fishies, ya know!


As usual, I’m late to the game, but made it eventually. Inktober is a weekly version of Inktober, so instead of a new prompt magically appearing every day, one magically appears every week.

I haven’t quite caught up but am pottering around with the prompts so far. Like during Inktober 2019, I’m hoping to glean inspiration for some new paintings and drawings from these new prompts.

The first prompt of this truly dire year was ‘Flight’…

Inktober52 Prompt 1 – Flight