Trying Out A New Shoppy Thingy

Greetings all! How are you all? Fluffy and well, I hope. Today, I was not only wondering where birds sleep at night and if seagulls prefer to grab a snooze while floating on the water but also whether there were any decent (and cheap) alternatives to Etsy. I stumbled upon Big Cartel and decided to give it a try. Happily there is a free version where you can upload 5 items which I have indeed done! So, I shall see how it goes and if it works out, then I shall crowbar open my stingy, empty Scottish purse and try the upgraded version for a little while.

5 Yellow Phonebox Items which I Put Up On Big Cartel Today While Contemplating The Sleeping Habits Of Birds.

Etsy Shop With More Shiny Yellow Phonebox Things.

Talking of birds and cakes, I have actually finished my latest scribblings and will show it off in the next thrilling blog post…

2021 – Here we come!

A Very Twinkly Happy New Year To You All!

One of my shiny New Year resolutions is to be a wee bit better at keeping this website up to date. We shall see how long that lasts!
I’m looking forward to a whole new year of painting, drawing and writing, all of which has been mostly keeping me out of trouble during this last, terrible year. Mostly.

I’m also vaguely planning to do some hopefully interesting stuff with this site as it’s been a bit ignored up till now. Things like mini blogs of how whatever I’m working on are coming along, with photos, what materials and techniques I’m using and a lot of pointless waffle too.

Another idea I’ve been mulling over is to have a sort of random newsletter type thingy to give little updates on any new items in my little Etsy shop, special offers, stuff I’m working on, favoured biscuit of the moment, and anything else that comes to mind.

So here’s looking to a safe and happy 365 more days!

Bring it on, 2021! I’m ready for you!

Clubhouse Chat Guest!

Greetings all! Well, this is all very exciting! Can you guess who the Clubhouse Chat Guest is? Hmmm? Go on, take a guess! OK, I’ll tell you! It’s ME!!!!!

The lovely Paula Readman (buy all her books!) invited me for a chat over at her Clubhouse where she shares lovely conversations with authors over a nice glass or cuppa.
A huge thanks to her for allowing me to take part! Please go on over and check it out!

Angry Biscuit Sticker Photo Shoot Goes Deliciously Wrong

Crumbs, DM!

I was getting ready to take a few reference photos of a bourbon biscuit to use for my Angry Biscuits Sticker set, when I accidentally ate the subject. I may now have to work from a fondant memory instead…