Is That A Shoe Rack I See Before Me?

Why, yes. Yes it is! Not just any show rack, I hasten to say, but a very cheap shoe rack!

When I say ‘cheap, I mean £2.95 type cheap. It was around about that anyway, definitely under £3. I was so dizzy with the excitement of such a find that I can’t remember the exact level of non-expense.

Obviously I wasn’t actually going to use it for the convenient storage of shoes, but as a perfectly sized shelving unit for… Well, I’d figure that out, and where it would go/fit, once it was mine.

Sure enough, after a little rearranging, one of my favourite (procrastinating) pass times, I popped it on to the little folding table. All the celestial bodies must have come into alignment as it fit perfectly.

Now this humble little shoe rack now holds my foldable photobox thingy, my beloved laminator, and the homemade book press (made out of a two-pack kitchen chopping board set.)

I dare not put anything too heavy on it as it may (most certainly) not be able to sustain the weight. But certainly not bad for a £2.95 shoe rack!

Author: yellowphonebox

I write stuff and I draw stuff!

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